Ministry of Health wig supplier

Ministry of Health NZ wig and hair supplier


Oceanic Hair Collection is excited to have recently become a New Zealand Ministry of Health approved supplier. This makes us very proud because we know that we will be an affordable option for kiwis suffering from hair loss.

We empathise deeply with anyone experiencing hair loss, having had a direct personal experience with it ourselves. We understand the emotions, loss of power and control from losing your hair. It is actually the catalyst for what started our journey with making and selling wigs.

Our lace and lace front wigs are great options for all hair loss conditions like alopecia caused by hormonal conditions, auto-immune disease, medication, cancer and chemotherapy treatment. We only sell synthetic material wigs making our wigs a great price point for those looking for value for money options.

We are not health care professionals but we are experts in the construction of full lace hand-tied wigs in mono and lace combos, hair toppers and ponytail pieces. The only type of wigs we do not make (we don't have the skill set) are latex punched pieces. 

The process of applying for a wig grant or subsidy from the Ministry of Health is simple and very easy. If you are suffering from hair loss whether temporary or permanent, you will be eligible for a wig grant and subsidy from the NZ government and just need a certificate from your doctor verifying your requirement to start the process. Get in touch if you need help.