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Sit. Stay. Good wig.

How do I keep my wig from sliding off my head? Can I wear my wig on a windy day? These are important questions for anyone curious or new to wearing wigs. Nothing makes us sweat like being out in public and feeling your wig start to move! Sure it’s a relevant concern but it actually very rarely happens. In this guide we will cover the basics of how you can be confident your wig will stay on your head! Before we start, if you are wearing one of our lace front wigs and it’s not glued, taped or sewn-in, it’s normal to get a bit of wig slippage. But we are talking about a teeny bit of movement. Anything more than a half...

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Lace front and nylon mesh wigs

You are probably wondering why some of the wigs we stock have transparent lace and why some have a dark brown looking material.  In our previous post about Lace front vs regular wigs with no lace, we covered the basics of a lace front wig. If you haven’t read it, we recommend you start there before reading this one. In this post we will explore the different types of lace front wigs we sell. But before we start, it’s important to note: The size of the handwoven section is what drives the price. The larger the section, the higher the price of a wig. Making a handwoven piece of lace is labour intensive fine needle work that takes hours just to complete a small section. This painstaking work is what makes wigs...

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Lace front vs regular wig with no lace

So you want to try a wig. Everyone seems to be wearing them! Kim Kardashian, Cardi B and Kylie Jenner are famous for their love of wigs and being able to switch looks quickly. Kylie loves them so much she shared some styles from her extensive collection with the world. They took up a lot of space in her glam room where she gets ready! Everyone with an opinion will tell you that lace fronts are the bees knees. They are but they still require some basic knowledge and confidence to wear them correctly. Buying a lace front wig for the first time is very exciting but it can also be a bit intimidating. You worry about what to do...

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