A beginners guide: how to wear a wig

Your goal when wearing a wig, is to not look like you are wearing a wig. It sounds easy and it will be after reading our easy peasy guide. It covers the essential wig basics of wearing a wig for a newbie. If you can put on a hat, you can put on and wear a wig!

Quick note before we start, this is the first blog post in our wig tutorial section. Video coming soon!


The first and most important thing you can do is flatten your hair down to create a nice flat foundation for your wig to "lay" or sit on. The best way for medium to long hair is to part your hair down the middle and braid two low plaits. Pin these low and behind your head then put on a stocking wig cap (two free with every wig purchase) to help flatten more. The wig cap will help flatten any strays but it's optional - you can still flatten your hair down just using bobby pins. If your hair is longer or thicker, corn row braids can help achieve a flatter foundation.

The flatter the hair, the more flawless your wig will look; less bumpy and obvious. You don't want to look like you are wearing a hair hat!

Preparing your wig

If you have purchased a lace front wig, you will need cut and remove the lace. Cut as closely as you can to where the hair starts leaving about 2 - 4 mm of lace.

With the lace now removed you can apply some of your makeup foundation on to the lace inside and then on top of the wig inside the part. This will help disguise the lace and make the wig look very natural. You can also contour around the hairline and making finishing touches to it once you've finished the fitting.

How you wear your wig or "install" it, depends on you. But it’s important to make sure the wig is sitting flat along your hairline and secured tightly using the elastic band. If it isn’t secured properly, the wig will look “puckered” along your hairline and won’t look natural. 

Our wigs can be worn glueless (without adhesive) making them a great wear and go option. They are all fitted with a comfortable elastic band and wig combs inside the cap to ensure the wig doesn't fall off.


1. Hold the wig open with your hands inside the edges of the cap, thumb hooked and ready to put it on starting from the back to the front.

2. Lean forward slightly with your head facing down and place the wig on the back of your head.

3. Start raising your head upright (as your are pulling it on) to its normal position while slowly fitting the wig to your head. It can seem fiddly at first but it's just like putting a large snug fitting hat onto your head. 

4. Once it's on, start adjusting the elastic band and secure the clasps.

Where and how far back (or forward) you place the wig is entirely up to you. You can minimise a large forehead if you want to! 

Extra security

If you want your wig fixed on your head and don't want it to move then you could try two popular methods:

1. Using wig glue or wig tape. We do not sell glue but we do sell tape which is easy to apply and remove. Note: Kylie Jenner and Cardi B use glue for their lace front wigs. For a newbie, using tape gives great results and no fuss!

2. Have the wig sewn in (weaved) to your hair. Sew in's last month's bits require touching up every 2-4 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows.  This method is for an experience stylist or a trusted YouTube qualified friend.

3. A combination of both methods. The result can last months.

Check out our other wig tutorials that cover how to secure and properly fit your wig. We have videos coming soon and will announce when these are ready through our social channels so make sure you are following us on Instagram and Facebook.

Get in touch and comment if you have any questions! We want you to look your best in our pieces. 💋


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