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Lace front and nylon mesh wigs

Lace front wig basics tutorial

You are probably wondering why some of the wigs we stock have transparent lace and why some have a dark brown looking material. 

In our previous post about Lace front vs regular wigs with no lace, we covered the basics of a lace front wig. If you haven’t read it, we recommend you start there before reading this one.

In this post we will explore the different types of lace front wigs we sell. But before we start, it’s important to note:

  1. The size of the handwoven section is what drives the price. The larger the section, the higher the price of a wig.
  2. Making a handwoven piece of lace is labour intensive fine needle work that takes hours just to complete a small section.
  3. This painstaking work is what makes wigs look natural, creating a natural hairline and being able to part it anywhere.

Lace & Nylon Mesh

Our standard lace front wigs have a transparent lace handwoven section along the hairline, from ear to ear. The largest section is in the crown and you can part the hair in any direction. The transparent lace makes it is easier to hide and blend in with your skin. These are the most expensive styles we sell.

Below is a photo of our Perrie wig CLOSE UP! Every lace wig looks like this close up including the wigs celebrities like Kim Kardashian wear and actors use for TV and movies! There are different grades of wig lace that come in different colours to match skin tones, but none of them are “invisible”. You apply your foundation to the part with a brush and contour along the hairline to disguise the lace. You can also use baby hair to help disguise it.

Lace front wig close up hairline

You can create different looks with a lace front wig including a half updo style. This is what makes lace front wigs more expensive than wigs with no lace - someone has literally created a hairline from scratch! Wig enthusiasts often customise them further by plucking it to thin out the hairline more. Literally with a pair of tweezers, they pluck out random hair along the hairline to mimic their own. But we don’t recommend doing this unless you are confident and know what you are doing. There are many YouTube tutorials online that cover this.

In our nylon mesh range, only two of our styles can be parted in any direction, Nicole and Jamie. The rest of our nylon mesh wigs are made differently. They have a fixed part (cannot be moved) and compared to a lace front, the nylon mesh is a dark brown stiff material. The only handwoven sections are in the fixed part and a little along the hairline of the wig so that hair can be worn back off the face. It should be noted also that fixed lace front wigs are also made with transparent lace - our Dasha style is one such wig.

Below is a photo of our Ciara nylon mesh wig CLOSE UP. 

Nylon mesh lace front wig close up

We stock two types of nylon mesh lace front wigs:

L part: This type of wig has a side part, that can be on either side, fixed style. Its name comes from what the hand woven section looks like (An uppercase L) if you were to flip the wig inside out to see the cap base. Our Ciara and Harlow styles are examples of an L part wig.  

L Part wig lace front nylon mesh

T part: This type of wig is a fixed middle part wig. Its name also is from what the handwoven section looks like when flipped inside out - an uppercase T.

Examples of our T Part wigs are our Lilly and Chloe shown below.

T Part wig lace front nylon mesh tutorial

The big advantages of the fixed lace front wigs is that they are wear and go styles - you don’t have to style them!

Up next we are going to do a more detailed blog post about how to wear your wig. Tips, tricks and great advice.

We hope you found this useful! Like, Comment, Share - we’d love to hear from you. 💋


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