Lace front vs regular wig with no lace

So you want to try a wig. Everyone seems to be wearing them! Kim Kardashian, Cardi B and Kylie Jenner are famous for their love of wigs and being able to switch looks quickly.

Celebrity wig collection

Kylie loves them so much she shared some styles from her extensive collection with the world. They took up a lot of space in her glam room where she gets ready!

Kylie Jenner wig collection

Everyone with an opinion will tell you that lace fronts are the bees knees. They are but they still require some basic knowledge and confidence to wear them correctly.

Buying a lace front wig for the first time is very exciting but it can also be a bit intimidating. You worry about what to do with the lace, how to stop it from falling off your head and how to make it look natural. 

We will start with the basics of what a wig is:

A wig is just a cap that has strips of woven hair (aka hair wefts or tracks) stitched on to it. The direction and placement of how these strips of hair are stitched to the cap are what make the style, volume and length of the wig.

Lace front wig vs a wig with no lace

1. Lace: This is what gives lace front wigs their name. 

2. Cap: This is the base of every lace front wig. 

3. Hair wefts: These are the strips of hair that are sewn (horizontally) on to the cap.

4. Wig comb: All our lace front wigs have three of these stitched on to the cap and help secure the wig to your head. 

5. Elastic band: This goes around the back of your head and keeps the wig from falling off. 

We sell two types of wigs; lace front and regular wigs with no lace. 

Lace front wigs

This type of wig has a section of lace (or mesh material) attached to the inside of the cap. It has a small handwoven section along the hairline and a more generous bit at the front of the head. This section helps make the wig look natural and also means that you can part the hair to create different looks.

Some lace front wigs are also made with a strip of nylon mesh material. The  mesh is much sturdier and rigid than the flimsy lace. It also usually has a smaller section of handwoven area.

Lace front wig types

This type of wig can be worn tied back or up in to a half updo style only.

You carefully trim off the lace close to where the hair starts and when worn, it gives the illusion of hair growing from your head. 

This type of wig is the more expensive of the two types we sell because of the handwoven time element.

Regular wig with no lace

This type of wig is a ready made fixed style without the handwoven lace section. It cannot be parted but it is a great wear-and-go that doesn't require any styling.

These are more affordable than lace front wigs but they are not as versatile. They are generally designed to frame the face and depending on the type of wig, you may not be able to tie your hair back without seeing some of the hair tracks. 

Fringe and layered style wigs are examples of non-lace front wigs that are great for fuss free wear.

Regular wigs with no lace

Wearing and securing the wig 

Both wig types are fitted with an elastic band and clasps to secure the wig to your head. Lace fronts have an additional 3 wig combs inside the wig cap for added security. 

Both types of wigs can be worn with wig glue or tape applied directly to your skin and/or cap. The adhesive washes off easily. Tape is easiest to use as it's ready instantly. Glue requires a hairdryer to dry it to a tacky consistency.

Celeb wig fans use wig glue to secure and create a flawless finish. The glue is applied directly on to the skin around their hairline and forehead.

Lastly, creating short baby hair along your lace front hair line can really elevate your wig look. This will make your wig look natural and you will fool everyone! See our What are snatched edges blog post.

We hope this helps! Get in touch and comment, like and share. 💋

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    Hi do you do a blended wig of human hair and synthetic also what cap circumference do you make for I am petite in head and I wear wigs every day thanks Tinamaree

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