What are snatched edges?

You may have heard the term, "your edges are snatched" and probably wondered what it meant. The term came from Black Twitter and was popularised into mainstream by Rupaul's Drag Race. Snatching edges is an essential tool in helping create a flawless wig look!



Edges are that fine baby hair that frames your hair line. Latina bombshell JLo always has baby hair framing her hair line when she wears her hair off her face. She doesn't wear wigs but we know she loves hair extensions to give her a bit of length.


Kylie Jenner wigs and snatched edges


Kylie Jenner is renowned for wearing wigs and if you look closely at these pics, she has used her baby hair under the wig. You can see where the harsh part line of the wig starts, cutting off her baby hair. If you aren't eagle eyed like we are, you could maybe get away with it. Maybe.


Kim Kardashian and her baby hair edges

Kylie's sister Kim famously lasered hers off thinking they weren't attractive. She regrets it now has done well with growing some back. Ah the glow up! We miss the old Kim. 

If you aren't blessed like JLo then you can create edges with your wig's lace front section. This technique will help make your wig look natural. 

You just need some scissors to cut some strands of hair along the hair line and a toothbrush and some vaseline. A video is coming soon!

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