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Sit. Stay. Good wig.

How do I keep my wig from sliding off my head? Can I wear my wig on a windy day? These are important questions for anyone curious or new to wearing wigs. Nothing makes us sweat like being out in public and feeling your wig start to move!

How to correctly wear a wig

Sure it’s a relevant concern but it actually very rarely happens. In this guide we will cover the basics of how you can be confident your wig will stay on your head! Before we start, if you are wearing one of our lace front wigs and it’s not glued, taped or sewn-in, it’s normal to get a bit of wig slippage. But we are talking about a teeny bit of movement. Anything more than a half a centimetre and you need to keep reading sis.

A flat foundation 

We touched on how important it is to make your hair as flat as possible in our how to wear a wig post. If you havent already, have a quick read. The flatter your hair, the more likely it will stay on your head.

The size and fit

Would you squeeze your size 14 body into a pair of  size 10 jeans? No you wouldn’t. Or maybe you would? The same principal of wearing the correct size applies when choosing a wig.

 When your wig is too small

There are generally 3 standard sizes with wigs - S, M and L. It’s best to go with a larger fit if your head size is between sizes. If your dream wig is a bit too snug but you are determined to wear it anyway, we can adjust it. Just let us know when you place your order. But we recommend this only if you are wanting to go one size down. We wouldn’t recommend this for a size L head fit wanting to wear a size S wig. 

Wig elastic band and combs

All of our wigs come fitted with an elastic band inside the base of the wig cap. Familiarise yourself with it and how it fastens.

NZ Lace front wigs and how to secure a wig

It starts behind each ear and is attached to hook clasps that are similar to what you might get with underwear garments. The hook clasps are designed to hook in to the lapel loops inside the nape section of the wig cap.

Try out the lapel loops to get your fitting snug but not too tight. If it’s fastened too tight, you will get a headache wearing it. There are also 3 wig combs inside the cap of our lace front wig for additional security.


Our wigs can be worn without an adhesive (glueless) but we do sell wig tape to give you extra confidence. Our tape is so effective that you can do Beyoncé hair flips or death drops if you want and your wig won’t come off!

 NZ drag wigs and how to keep your wig from falling off

Wig tape is so easy to use and apply! We sell one of the leading adhesives in the hair market that is:

  • Waterproof and won’t wash off
  • A soft flexible adhesive so it is comfortable to wear
  • Is long lasting and will secure your wig in place
  • Easy to remove with a wig adhesive solvent

The tape is applied to your skin or the wig cap - not your hair. The only caution we have for using any type of wig adhesive is to make sure a proper solvent is used to remove it. All brands are effective and take a few minutes to remove. If you don’t have any, DIY home remedies such as olive or baby oil work but can take 10-20 minutes to work off. Rubbing alcohol and acetone nail polish remover are also generally good for removing elastic adhesive bonds.

Wig tape tutorial coming soon and lots more blog posts loaded with the best wig wearing tips!

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