**7 day delivery time then back to 1-3 days in April

About Us

Oceanic Hair Collection is a proudly owned New Zealand wig business based in Auckland. We launched in September 2018 and quickly established ourselves as a trusted brand with repeat customers. We only use our own photography of our products and models, so you can buy with confidence.

We are a family run business and turned a hobby into a business. It started after experiencing a splash of postpartum hair loss. The hair grew back but the experience was the catalyst for discovering the world of wigs. It quickly led to learning professional wig making techniques and making handtied full lace wigs offline for the hair loss market.

We are a Ministry of Health approved supplier and can support you in your hair loss journey too.

We offer high quality synthetic lace and lace front wigs, deliver them quickly and are insanely proud of how well we look after our customers. You will fall in love with our wigs. 💋